Speculative Game Making

Project collaboration between Alex Cano McConnell and Cameron Pedan


For this project, we decided to work with a protein that is no longer present in current forms of life (or, more accurately, present in a heavily modified form). Plesiosaurs, with their possible connection to the Loch Ness Monster, have always fascinated so, so we proposed that idea and went for it.

We decided to go purely audio based and have our visual be created separately. The projected designed a call and response between saxophone and a Max 7 patch “playing” the protein structure found in Plesiosaurs . We also designed a short game to accompany. We watched a documentary about a creature, possibly a plesiosaur, living in Lake Chaplain to get some game ideas.

The premise for the game aspect of our project was born. You take the role of a young musician, helping to guide the last plesiosaur (it was too young to travel when the others left for space) to space before someone like the zoo or poachers find it first. By imitating its calls and echo location, you guide it through several levels until it reunites with its family in space.

The protein we ended up using was a Collagen protein found in sharks (humans and all mammals), whom plesiosaurs are believed to be the ancestors of (Great White Sharks.) We assigned each Amino Acid in the protein a numerical value  and then had Max 7 translate each of those into a different note. Then the sound was further modified in Abelton Live to design the sonic landscape.


Game Build

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 1.07.40 PM

Max 74′ Music Patch

 Visual Output

Audio Output

Music was designed in Ableton Live using Audio produced from the Collagen Molecule. The game was designed as a performance piece, the audio produced only during that time, during game play. During the performance The sonic landscape is creating in real time using Collagen Instruments, and call and response Saxophone Playing while the game is being played.




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